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high mineral content balances the level of the sugars

delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma

floral and fruity flavors that melts softly in the mouth

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: deep oak forest of Romania (European Union). 

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Huge acacia forest of Romanian Plateaus (European Union). 

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Dobrogea region, Romania (European Union).

The scientific name of this honey is ‘Honeydew’. Unlike 

traditional honey, our Black Forest Honey brings a plethora 

of nutrients, making it a special addition to your health-

conscious lifestyle. Our Black Forest Honey is your daily 

dose of wellness. It aids nutrient absorption, and enhances 


Packed with nature’s health boosters – oligosaccharides, 

they act as prebiotics that ferment and feed good 

bacteria in the gut. It helps to improve your digestion and 

overall health. Once savoured by royalty, it’s now available 

for all honey lovers to relish.

Delicate, with a subtle, smooth, slightly vanilla aroma, its 

color being clear, from transparent yellow to light orange, 

this “queen of honey” isc ollected by the bees during a 

short period in May and only in strict climatic conditions. 

With its unique taste, delicate flavor and appealing 

texture, helps benefits digestion by providing enzymes 

and prebiotic benefits. It has been used traditionally for 

constipation, dyspepsia, soothing ulcers, and indigestion.

Lavender honey has floral and fruity flavors and melts 

softly in the mouth, to the delight of epicures. Its smooth 

texture enhances exceptional floral overtones, enriched 

with subtle nuances of fresh fruits and highlight that 

lavender honey is one of the most scented honeys in the 


Lavender honey has some unique benefits due to the 

presence of lavender essential oil. Due to its calming and 

soothing effects, it can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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a strong honey with a distinctive aroma

a “complete” honey

floral and fruity flavors that melts softly in the mouth

The linden honey, like the plant that offers it, is a strong 

honey with a distinctive aroma, and a clear golden color. 

The strong aroma is composed of fresh woody notes and 

soft caramel tones, sweetness of flowers finished in the 

sweetest nectar. 

It has a sedative effect that can calm the nerves, reduce 

stress, and promote sleep. It has natural antibacterial 

properties that can help fight infections and inflammation 

in the respiratory system.

A “complete” honey - Apitherapy physicians acknowledge 

the mountain multi-flower honey as a “complete” honey 

because is obtained from the nectar of several plant 

species, most of them being medicinal herbs, combining 

their therapeutic power. 

This honey contains antibacterial agents ideal for treating 

skin disorders such as wounds, scrapes, and burns. It 

also promotes cell growth in injuries, which speeds up the 

recovery process.

Forest honey contains just a few volatile substances, 

source of its subtle aroma. It’s not very sweet due to the 

high mineral content that balances the level of the sugars, 

but it ends in light caramel tones.

Forest honey is characterized by having more antioxidant 

properties and benefits than other honeys. Therefore, its 

consumption is recommended to people with a deficiency 

of iron or other minerals, lung problems and even 


Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Macin Mountains National Park, Romania (European Union).

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Slow slopes of Carpathian Mountains, Romania (European Union).

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Secular tree Forests of Romania (European Union)

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a strong honey with a distinctive aroma

mild, earthy taste to strong and slightly bitter 

Savor the smooth delight of our White Cream Honey, a natural 

treat that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also serves as a 

perfect pick-me-up for your health. 

Our White Cream Honey, similar to rapeseed oil, aids in maintaining 

a healthy balance of fatty acids in the body, fostering a cleaner and 

healthier liver. Acting as a potent restorative, our honey replenishes 

your energy reserves, making it the perfect companion after a day 

of intense activity

With its flavor varies from a mild, earthy taste to strong and slightly 

bitter at higher levels and its  dark-brown color, Manuka honey 

exhibits woody, earthy scents.

Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties. It contains 

non-hydrogen peroxide and MGO, which gives it an even greater 

antibacterial power. Antioxidant and antibacterial capacity is 

proportional to the level of MGO. The higher the MGO content, the 

stronger the effect. Did you know that below 250 MGO, the effects 

are week, and below 100 the effects are non-existent?

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Romanian Field (European Union)

Packaging :  150g/250g/420g square glass jar. 

Origin: Southern island of New Zeeland

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a miracle that nature offers us generously and willingly

 naturally antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial

As the bees visit all the flowers of the season, the pollen 

granules will have colors ranging from golden yellow to dark 

brown and flavors that vary from one period to another 

and from one area to another. 

One of the oldest “food supplements,” bee pollen has 

22 amino acids, 18 vitamins and 25 minerals, hormones, 

unsaturated fats, nucleic acids, these nutrients being 

present in a form that makes them easily assimilable. 

Pollen is not just a super-food, it is a miracle that nature 

offers us generously and willingly.

Bee propolis is made when bees collect resin from trees 

and mix it with their rich in enzymes saliva and beeswax. 

Bees use propolis to prevent disease and parasites from 

entering the hive. 

Propolis has been used by humans since ancient times 

for its health benefits. It can protect the liver from 

toxins, injury, and disease, speed up wound healing, and 

reduce gum swelling. It also has powerful antioxidant and 

antimicrobial properties. Propolis is naturally antiseptic, 

antifungal, and antibacterial. 

Packaging :  DOY PACK OF 60G/120G/250G or GLASS JAR OF 60g/120g 

Origin: Apuseni Mountains in Romania (European Union)

Packaging :  DOY PACK OF 60G/120G/250G or GLASS JAR OF 60g/120g 

Origin: Apuseni Mountains in Romania (European Union)

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acacia honey and beeswax

 naturally antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial

The surfaces, with their thin cell’s lids, are generally light 

yellow to white, while the cut sections are yellow. Often, it 

can be seen into the cut sections some light brown areas 

which are the cells with important quantities of flower 

pollen, a sign of natural honeycomb.

Acacia honeycomb is a natural product that contains both 

acacia honey and beeswax. Beeswax has a soft texture 

and a pleasant aroma. Some of the benefits of beeswax 

are: It can moisturize and nourish your skin and hair by 

forming a protective barrier; it can reduce inflammation 

and irritation by soothing your skin and mucous 

membranes and can fight infections by having antibacterial 

and antifungal properties.

Delightfully chewy pure golden acacia honeycomb, with 

a harmonic floral taste and fragrant aroma of acacia 

blossoms, rounded-out by organic acacia honey with its 

irresistible vanilla notes it is the perfect family’s nutritional 

and wellness gift.

This product It has many health benefits, such as: it 

can help regulate blood sugar levels and is good for 

hypoglycemia, It can help with coughs, sore throats, and 

respiratory infections and helps digestion and possible 

stomach problems.

Packaging :  Organic or conventional, in plastic tray of 250g/400g 

Origin: Transylvania Plateou, Romania (European Union)

Packaging :  JAR OF 250G/420G

Origin: Transylvania Plateou, Romania (European Union)

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Curative teas offer a 

natural path to well-being 

and balance. Packed with 

antioxidants and healing 

properties, they soothe the 

body, calm the mind, and 

revitalize the spirit. Discover 

the age-old wisdom of 

herbal teas and let their 

therapeutic benefits guide 

you towards a healthier, 

more vibrant life.

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Over  11 assortments of fruit 

and herbals teas, packeged in 

grandpack teabags, specialy 

dedicated to HoReCa channel.

Wild Berry, Orange Fusion, 

Relax Summer, China Jasmine, 

Strawberry Kiss, Earl Grey, Fresh 

Mint, Green Tea Lemon, Rooibos 

Lemon Dream 

EVOLET Selection Grand Pack Tea for HoReCa: Where variety meets excellence. Elevate your guest 

experience with our extensive collection, thoughtfully packaged for freshness and convenience 

EVOLET Selection Grand Pack Tea: A masterpiece for HoReCa. Simplify your tea service while 

delivering a touch of elegance and well-being to every guest, one cup at a time.”

Enhance your HoReCa establishment with the sophistication of EVOLET Selection Grand Pack 

Tea. Each tea bag, elegantly packaged, guarantees a moment of excellence and well-being for 

your valued guests. EVOLET Selection Grand Pack Tea for HoReCa: Your key to a well-rounded 

tea offering. With a variety of flavors and individually sealed freshness, this pack enhances guest 

satisfaction and provides a taste of luxury.

EVOLET The Collection 

Over 5 assortments of fine 

selected dried fruit and herbal 

teas, packaged in pyramid tea 


With EVOLET The Collection, tea becomes a ritual of indulgence and health. Our thoughtfully crafted blends 

cater to your body and soul, offering you the delightful flavors and wellness benefits you deserve.

Discover the extraordinary with EVOLET The Collection teas. Crafted with precision and care, our exquisite 

blends promise more than just a sip; they offer a journey. From boosting vitality to soothing your soul, our 

teas are a fusion of flavor and well-being. Elevate your tea experience with EVOLET and embrace a world 

of taste and benefits in every cup.

Grenn Tea Jasmine, Ginger Love, 

Forest Berry, Fresh Mint, Raspberry

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Over 9 assortments of 

fruit and dried herbs teas, 

packaged in pyramid tea bags, 

specialy dedicated to HoReCa 


EVOLET Selection Pyramid Tea: Elevate your HoReCa service with individual indulgence. Our pyramid 

tea bags, each meticulously packed, embody the fusion of taste and sophistication. Enhance your 

guest experience with the charm and well-being of EVOLET Selection Pyramid Teas.

Discover the essence of luxury in EVOLET Selection Pyramid Tea, individually enveloped for HoReCa. 

Elevate your service with the convenience of our tea bags, delivering both flavor and a touch of 


Green Tea Jasmine, Green Tea 

Lemon, Mint, Chamomile, Orange, 

Raspberry, Englisk Breakfast, 

Forest Fruits, Ginger Lemon



Over 14 assortments of 

herbals and fruits loose tea, 

specialy dedicated to HoReCa 


Wild Nights, Sunshine Dream, 

Sweet Apple, Hawaii Fruits, Earl 

Grey, Green Ten Sencha, China 

Jasmine, Relax Summer, Detox 

Tea, Ginger Lemon, Rooibos 

Lemon, Black Tea Ceylon, Fresh 

Mint, Green Tea Lemeon

Discover the elegance and health benefits of EVOLET Selection Loose Tea in a cardboard tub. Our 

premium loose tea offerings are carefully selected, offering you a journey of taste and well-being.

EVOLET Selection Loose Tea: Premium Quality, Thoughtful Packaging. Our premium loose teas, 

encapsulated in a recyclable cardboard tub, are a testament to the pursuit of excellence and 

environmental responsibility. Every blend is a harmony of taste and well-being, sourced and crafted 

with care. Embrace the elegance of EVOLET Selection and relish a tea experience that transcends 

expectations, all while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Over 6 assortments of fruits 

and dried herbs teas, packaged 

in pyramid tea bags, specialy 

dedicated to HoReCa channel.

Around Tea World (Ginger Lemon, 

Forest Fruits, Mint, Chamomile, English 

Breakfast, Green Tea Lemon)

Time to relax (Chamomile, Forest 

Fruits, Mint)

Experience the Convenience and Variety of EVOLET Selection Assortment Box. Designed for HoReCa 

and beyond, this assortment box combines a multitude of flavors in one place. It simplifies your 

beverage offerings and delights your guests with an array of choices. EVOLET Selection Assortment 

Box: Where Variety Meets Excellence. Perfect for HoReCa and other settings, this assortment 

provides a multitude of flavor options in a single box. Enjoy the ease of serving diverse beverages 

while maintaining the quality that defines EVOLET.



loose tea în bulk bag

Over 10 assortments of dried 

fruit and herbal loose tea.

Black Tea Ceylon, Ginger Lemon, 

Raspberry Simphony, Wild Berry, 

Pina Colada, Hawaii Fruit, Green 

Tea Jasmine, Rooibor Vanilla, 

Blackcurrant Morning Kiss, 

Sunshine Starwberry

EVOLET Sensation Loose Tea: Elevate your senses with every brew. Our loose tea selections are 

a symphony of flavors and health benefits, handpicked for your well-being. Immerse yourself in 

the richness of our blends and discover the true sensation of tea, one cup at a time.

Experience the magic of EVOLET Sensation Loose Tea. Our loose leaf teas are a masterful 

fusion of exquisite flavors and the advantages of herbal infusions. Immerse yourself in the world 

of tea sensation and celebrate the taste and health benefits.

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Over 17 assortments of natural 

and bio teas, packaged in 

pyramid tea bags.

Vedda Organic Teas: Nourishing body and soul naturally. From 

lush gardens to your cup, our bio teas bring you the gifts of 

nature’s bounty. Discover a world of flavors and wellness 

benefits in every infusion.

Bio Mint, Bio Chamomile, Bio Linden & 

Mint, Bio St. John’s Wort, Bio Nettle, 

Bio Lemon Balm, Bio Sage, Bio Yarrow, 

Bio Dandelion, Bio Mint & Apple, 

Bio Forests Fruits, Bio Blueberry, 

Bio Rosehip & Hibiscus, Bio Multifruit, 

Bio Black Tea, Bio Green Tea, 

Bio White Tea 

Vedda Organic Teas: Where nature’s purest essence meets your wellness journey. Our bio teas, handpicked 

and thoughtfully crafted, offer a taste of pristine nature and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Embrace 

the harmony of mind, body, and earth with every soothing sip. Vedda Organic Teas: Nourishing body and 

soul naturally. From lush gardens to your cup, our bio teas bring you the gifts of nature’s bounty. Discover a 

world of flavors and wellness benefits in every infusion.


Over 12 assortments og 

dried fruit and herbal teas, 

packaged in pyramid tea 


Experience the essence of Vedda culture with our pyramid tea 

bags. Our carefully curated blends capture the wisdom of ancient 

traditions, delivering not only exceptional taste but also the 

holistic benefits of nature’s herbs. Elevate your tea experience 

with Vedda pyramid tea bags and embark on a journey of well-

being and indulgence.

Discover Vedda pyramid tea bags, your gateway to ancient 

wisdom in modern convenience. Nourish your senses with the 

flavors and benefits that have sustained generations of wellness.

Blueberry, Sea Buckthorn, Ginger 

Lemon, Mint, Chamomile, Vanilla 

Black Tea, Linden & Lemon, 

Green Tea with Peach, Forest 

Fruits, Sour Cherry, Mulled 

Wine flavoured Tea, BubbleGum 

flavoured Tea

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Over  11 assortments of fruit 

and herbals teas, packeged in 

grandpack teabags, specialy 

dedicated to HoReCa channel.

EVOLET Sensations Pyramid Teas: Elevate your tea experience 

to new heights. Our pyramid tea bags are a fusion of luxury and 

well-being. From the exquisite flavors to the healthful properties, 

each sip is a journey into the world of taste and wellness. Unwrap 

the magic of EVOLET Sensations Pyramid Teas and savor a cup 

of pure delight.”

Unlock the secret to an extraordinary tea experience with 

EVOLET Sensations Pyramid Teas. Crafted with precision, our 

pyramid bags offer you the beauty of flavor and the bounty of 

well-being. Savor the fusion of taste and health in each infusion.

Orange Fusion, Black Tea Spicy 

Chai, Rooibos Vanilla, White Tea, 

Moroccan Mint Tea, Yerba Mate 

Tea, Green Tea & Jasmine, Forest 

Fruits, Ginger Lemon, 

Herbal Relax




Over 24 assortments of dried 

fruit and herbal teas, packaged in 

pyramid tea bags or grand pack

Adventure Time, From Dusk Till 

Dawn, Sunset Dream, Around Tea 

World, Sweet Memories, Midnight 

Talks, Capture Moments, Wild and 

Free, Share the Moment, Romania-

Sellected with Passion

Discover Flavor Diversity with EVOLET Sensation Teas Assortment Box. This special box contains a 

variety of flavors to turn each cup into a unique experience. Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, it 

brings the freshness and richness of nature into every cup.

EVOLET Sensation Teas Assortment Box: Delight with Every Sip. With this diverse set of flavors, you can 

surprise anyone with a special gift or treat yourself at any time of the day. The variety of flavors makes it 

easy to find your favorite.

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rectangular tea bag 

large pieces of plants and fruits

Over 16 assortments dried 

fruit and herbal curative 


Curative teas offer a natural path to well-being and balance. Packed with antioxidants and healing 

properties, they soothe the body, calm the mind, and revitalize the spirit. Discover the age-old wisdom 

of herbal teas and let their therapeutic benefits guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

Curative teas offer a natural path to wellness. Embrace the restorative power of herbal blends and 

discover a healthier, happier you, one cup at a time.

Detox Tea, Vedda Slim 1 Tea, 

Vedda Slim 2 Tea, Relax Tea, 

Cold & Flu Tea, Breathe Well 

Tea, Baby Colic Tea, Virile Man 

Tea, No-Stress Tea, Sleep Well 

Tea, Laxative Tea, Immunity Tea, 

Cholesteroll Tea, Glycemia Tea, 

Diuretic Tea, Digest Tea

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Over 28 assortments of coffee.

Rwanda Kivu, Burundy Fully Washed, 

Cuba Serrano Lavado, El Salvador 

Red Bourbon, Columbia Medellin, 

Mexic FTO, El Salvador Honey 

Bourbon, Tanzania AA Kilimanjaro, 

Bolivia Rene, Jamaica Blue Mountain, 

Sumatra Mandheling, Brazilia Dolce 

Cerrado, Costa Rica Honey, 

Kenya AA Nyeri

EVOLET Sensation Coffee: Where Every Sip is a Journey of Flavor and Energy. Our premium coffee 

beans are carefully selected and roasted to perfection, offering you a rich and invigorating coffee 

experience that fuels your day.

Savor the moment with EVOLET Sensation Coffee. Our beans are a symphony of flavor and aroma, 

promising you a coffee experience like no other. From the first sip, you’ll appreciate the richness and 

quality of EVOLET. Awaken your senses with EVOLET Sensation Coffee. Sourced from the world’s 

best coffee regions and roasted with precision, our beans offer you a coffee experience that renews 

your energy and delights your taste buds.




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Sugar-free Hot Chocolate, 

packed in individual sachets.

Experience the extraordinary with EVOLET Hot Chocolate. Our cocoa is a symphony of flavor and 

contentment, crafted to elevate your moments. Immerse yourself in the creamy goodness and 

discover the pleasure of every sip.

EVOLET Hot Chocolate: A luxurious escape into warmth and delight. Our velvety cocoa is a 

celebration of comfort and happiness. Savor the rich indulgence of EVOLET and wrap yourself in a 

cocoon of joy. EVOLET Hot Chocolate: An indulgence that warms your heart and soothes your soul. 

Our rich and creamy hot chocolate is more than just a treat; it’s a moment of pure comfort and joy. 

Embrace the cozy delight of EVOLET and let every sip envelop you in happiness.

Over 3 assortments of hot 

chocolate, specially dedicated to 

HoReCa channel.

Classic, Dark, White



Over 5 assortmens of fruit and 

herbal tea in a capsule. Over 4 

assortments of intense aroma and 

creamy coffee in a capsule

Tea: Forest Fruits, Earl Grey, Rooibos 

Vanilla, Green Tea Lemon, Moroccan 


Coffee: Expresso, Brazil, Colombia, 


EVOLET Sensation Tea & Coffee Capsules - Ideal for Home and Office. Elevate your coffee and tea 

experience with the convenience of our capsules, compatible with Nespresso machines. Whether you’re 

at home or in the office, our capsules offer a quick and effortless way to enjoy a variety of high-quality 

beverages. From rich coffee to exquisite teas, discover the taste of excellence in every cup. Say goodbye to 

long queues and hello to moments of pure indulgence, all at your fingertips. With EVOLET Sensation, quality 

and convenience are now your daily companions.

EVOLET Sensation Tea & Coffee Capsules: Elevate Your Sip, Simplify Your Day. Compatible with Nespresso 

machines, our capsules bring the world of premium beverages to your home or office. Enjoy rich coffee and 

exquisite teas without leaving your space. 

Compatible with 

Nespresso Machines



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Over 18 flavours of syrup, 

especialy made for cocktails 

and fruit syrup.

Cocktail: Coconut, Hazelnut, 

Bubblegum, Banana, Blueberry, 

Amaretto, Cane Sugar, Mango, 

Caramell, Chocolate, Irish Cream, 

Watermelon, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, 

Roasted Hazelnut, Mint, Elderflower.

Fruit Syrup: Lemonade, Ginger 

Lemonade, Ice Tea-Forest Fruits

Savor the authenticity of EVOLET Selection Cocktail & Fruit Syrup. Our premium syrups are a blend 

of passion and craftsmanship, ensuring that each cocktail you create bursts with the genuine taste 

of fruits. Elevate your mixology skills and make your beverages unforgettable.

EVOLET Selection Cocktail & Fruit Syrup: Elevate Your Drinks to a New Dimension. Our syrups are 

a fusion of quality and creativity, offering endless possibilities for crafting exceptional cocktails. 

Whether you’re a professional bartender or an at-home enthusiast, EVOLET Selection syrups are 

your key to mixology mastery.



Over 3 flavours of 

concentrated syrup in a 

reusable aluminium bottle

Ginger & Lemon Lemonade, Forest 

Fruits Ice Tea, Caramel Coffee Syrup

EVOLET Sensation Syrup Concentrate: The Concentration of Flavor, the Commitment to 

Sustainability. Each drop in our reusable aluminum bottle is a testament to taste and eco-

consciousness. Elevate your mixology skills and enjoy sustainability in every sip. EVOLET Sensation 

Syrup Concentrate: Where Concentration Meets Sustainability. Our concentrated syrup, thoughtfully 

stored in a reusable aluminum bottle, brings you the essence of flavor and eco-friendliness. Each 

drop is a burst of taste, making your beverages extraordinary while reducing waste.

Experience the purity of taste with EVOLET Sensation Syrup Concentrate. Our concentrated syrup, 

stored in a reusable aluminum bottle, captures the true essence of flavor. Elevate your mixology 

game and reduce your environmental footprint with every use.

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Waffle Toast with 32% Fresh Eggs 

Waffle baskets 

A culinary delicacy with unmistakable flavors. 

Toast waffles with 32% fresh eggs are an 

unforgettable culinary experience. This 

delicacy stands out for its simplicity but 

also for the perfect balance of flavors and 

texture, melting delicately in the mouth. 

Each bite reveals natural flavors emphasized 

by the freshness of the eggs and the subtle 

sweetness of the sugar.

Give your guests a perfect dining experience 

with our waffle baskets, a touch of elegance 

in every plate. 

Our waffle baskets are that touch of 

sophistication that complements every 

culinary dish. With every bite, you will feel 

how it complements the dish served, making 

it shine.

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Waffle tarts  crispy

Croissants (frozen) 

Waffle tarts mini 

Our tarts are created with passion and great 

attention to detail, to perfectly complement 

the flavors and textures of the dishes served. 

With a fragile crust made from the highest 

quality wheat flour, sublimated by refined 

sunflower oil, our tarts are an unparalleled 

setting for culinary delights.

Experience the taste of Europe with our 

authentic croissants and start your morning 

right with our freshly baked croissants! 

Indulge in the rich, buttery flavor of our 

croissants and transport your taste buds to 

europe with our scrumptious croissants!

Choose to successfully replace regular 

platters with these fine tarts to offer an 

unforgettable dining experience, ready to 

bring a touch of sophistication to every bite 

and turn every event into a memorable 

dining experience.

Croissant with butter, croissant with chocolate, 

croissant with chocolate and vanilla, butter croissant 

with chocolate filling

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We adapt to the needs of our customers, whether it is a first test order 

in variable quantities, or whether it is about fitting a package to a certain 

market, we are here to support our partners in successfully positioning 

the product on the market.

Our goal is not to have the lowest price on the market because we know 

that this is often due to either a deficiency in the quality area or incorrect 

behavior with own employees or suppliers. Instead, we focus on minimizing 

indirect costs, those that do not affect the quality of the product and 

offering maximum value for the money paid, because this is the basis of a 

win-win relationship.

Throughout the maturity of a product in a certain market, we consider 

ourselves partners and not just suppliers for our distributors, so we offer 

all our support along this road, whether it is samples, certain punctual 

discounts or marketing support.

Excellent value for money

Support & discounts:

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